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The Pure2Improve Weighted Vest can really help make your workouts extremely intense, the extra weight will help to shred fat away while toning up muscles in synchrony. It's ideal for use while running or walking or training to really get the benefits, weights can be added or removed from their selected sleeves to reduce the weight until your fitness levels increase and you can add more weight until you reach the 5kg limit. By forcing your body to move explosively at a higher weight than it has been accustomed to (i.e. by adding a weighted vest to artificially simulate an increase in your bodyweight), you will find that your strength, power, and quickness will all improve quite rapidly. The reason for this is that your central nervous system (CNS) and muscles start to believe that you have gained extra weight, and will start adapting accordingly. When the weight vest is removed, your body will react as if the weight is still there. The result is faster gains and higher jumps. P2I Weighted Vest. Red/black, 20x250gram max. 5kgs. Adjustable weight. Weight pouches can easily be taken out and back in as needed. Evenly distributed weights. Fully adjustable attachment makes it easily adjustable to almost any size waist. Will not absorb sweat. Ultra soft padding. Material: 68% polyester, 25% neoprene, 5% nylon, 2% PVC
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