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The Pure2Improve Resistance Cord allows you to maximise motions that are specific to your sport with resistance and assistance training. The unique flexi-cord stretches against your movement to build strength, or pulls you along to increase speed and improve your body's efficiency during direction changes. It has a 2.4 meter flexi-cord safely stretches up to 6.51 meter. Build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling and change of direction. P2I Resistant Cord. Black/grey/red. 2,40 mtr flexi-cord stretches up to 6,51 mtr. dynamic resistance, assistance trainer. 360º rotation belt with free motion ring allows for movement in any direction. Includes belt, flexi-cord attachment leash, safety handle, storage bag. Material: 60% pp webbing, 15% iron, 15% latex tubing, 10% fabric.
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